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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

Well, I tell ya. I got the boost I needed today after such a less than stellar day yesterday. I had my 3 month post op appointment as my surgeons office. This appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner. She was very nice. It was a pretty detailed appointment with a lot of questions about diet and exercise. Based on the number of NO’s to questions about negative issues I would say things are going well. She was pleased with my exercise routine and says I have lost 30% of my excess body fat! I am almost a 1/3 of the way there yall! IN THREE MONTHS! (4 if you count the pre op weight loss.) I couldn’t be happier.

I want to quote what a friend commented to my post yesterday because it was moving and beautiful!

“I truly appreciate your real, vulnerable cloudy moments that you’ve shared in this journey. Sometimes we need to appreciate the rain because it lets us see the rainbows and jump in some fun puddles along the way….”

My friend

What she said is so true. We do sometimes have to have those days so that we better appreciate the good days and it teaches us how to not just survive, but thrive through those days. Just surviving is no way to live. We must strive to thrive, meaning that you aren’t just barely making it, but living life to its fullest and continually getting better along the way.

From a spiritual perspective, my friend goes on to say:

“….And on a different yet really cool note, I read in a really good book many years ago on symbols in the scriptures that it’s believed that the presence of clouds is the presence of Heavenly Father being near. Our weakest, cloudiest moments might mean that we are moving nearer to God and to our great potential that He sees in us, not farther away like we think. He will help us make weak things strong to us, if we will continue to surrender to His will and allow His timing to be our timing….”

My friend

Um, wow! I felt so much love from this person and her words resonated with me deep into my soul! She is an angel sent by Heavenly Father to help me see the silver lining to my clouds yesterday. I am generally pretty good at that, but I am grateful for the people that God puts in my path when I need a reminder to keep looking for that silver lining. I believe that no matter how bad things are, if we have faith, there is ALWAYS a silver lining. That silver lining is created by the light of Christ. The light can never be put out if we continue to have faith! Thank you J (you know who you are) for your loving words.

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