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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

Life In General

Well, life has definitely been interesting for myself and my family. With Christmas and Thanksgiving I was busy enough, but I decided to take a new position at my job and contract COVID! A little while back the Accounts Payable position opened up and I decided that I needed a change in scenery as well as I knew it would help boost my resume. Not that I am looking to go anywhere, but you never know! I was cross trained in that position so I already knew high level what I would be doing so it was a no brainer to take it. So, for the last 3 weeks it has been non stop. I had a week of training from the person leaving AP, then a week of training my replacement, and since then I have been in my new position while still trying to learn and still helping my replacement and on top of that it was year end!

On Dec 22nd in the late afternoon I started to feel sick. I honestly was so sure I had the flu, but I got my test results back on the 24th that I had COVID. It wasn’t horrible, but the ramification of COVID were much more devestating when it came to my family. No family for Christmas and my daughter, who was home from the Army had to pack her things and leave our home so that she didn’t contract COVID. Thankfully she remained negative and made it back to her station without getting sick. It hurts my mom heart to miss out on all that time with her, but I would do it all over again to keep her well and not derail her training. My ex husband is the one that gave me COVID. He is still in the hospital (7 days now) and not doing great. He is not on a ventilator and has finally stopped declining so we hope the worst is past now and he can start on the road to recovery. The kids miss him.

My Weight Loss

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If yall follow me on Instagram then some of this isn’t a secret, but I hit 100 lbs loss on December 30th! Can I get a WOOO HOOO?!?!

Yall, I feel absolutely amazing and that is even with having suffered from COVID. I am currently at 302.4 which is 102.6 lbs down from my highest weight. This all happened in about 165 days! I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I went into this surgery with hope, but still having that feeling that I would fail, just like I felt like I was failing at everything else in my life. I was so wrong and this time that is a good thing! HAHA I have worked HARD. It’s not like I can just sit around and eat and watch the fat melt away. I have to meal plan, exercise, keep up with my water intake, take vitamins every day. I do it and do it happily.

I will post later with a more detailed post about my weight loss and exercise, but I wanted to get something out because I haven’t posted in so long.

One comment on “Life Has Been a Roller coaster

  1. EC says:

    Congratulations with your weight loss!


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