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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

So a thing happened today! Like a really major thing happened today!

I knew yesterday that this might happen, but I still could not keep my emotions in check. I teared up yesterday knowing I was so close so I could not hold back the tears when that number popped up on the scale!

I was around the age of 25 the last time my weight was in the 200’s. This is definitely only going to help me keep the momentum. Today is 6 mths and 2 days from the day I started my pre op diet. 6 months and I have lost 105 lbs! I get emotional knowing that I finally get to be a success story. I finally get to bask in the glory of my success!! I get to know that I have great friends and supporters by my side!

I feel like I am living my best life and I literally can’t imagine how I will feel after the next 105 lbs!! I have been walking on cloud 9 all day!!

As always, thank you to anyone that has supported me in any way. Whether I know you or not, your likes, your comments, your texts and your phone calls uplift me and help give me strength!!

I love reading comments so help a girl out and leave me a comment so I know who is out there cheering me on!!

One comment on “Major Milestone Happened Today

  1. Joanna says:

    Congratulations 👏 so happy for you!! What a beautiful journey this is turning out to be!! Keep it up!!! You are beautiful inside and out!


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