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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

I posted a picture on my Instagram the other day that was quite frankly, overwhelming to look at, but what was more overwhelming in a good way was all the love I got from everyone. This is the first side by side where I can finally see the difference and I just giggled with excitement seeing it.

The ever shrinking lady!

But what was even more cool was that the very next morning I weighed in and hit my 50% goal. My starting weight was 405 and my goal weight is 175. 230 lbs seems like so much. Well, I have officially lost 115 lbs. 50% of my excess weight is GONE!!!! I am half way through this race!

Some days I don’t believe it. But I am finally starting to accept that good things are happening in my life and I deserve it and have worked hard for it.

I will always defend the surgery to anyone who says its the easy way out. It is not. It is only a tool and each and every person has to work hard to benefit from the surgery. I could sit on my behind and do nothing. Yes, I would lose some weight, but the weight loss would eventually stop. If I didn’t watch what I eat I could stretch out my stomach and it could go right back to the size it was before. I have to stick to my eating plan. I have to exercise. I have to drink lots of water. I have to take my supplements. I live everyday on a timer to help me remember when to eat and drink because I am never hungry. So, no, this surgery is not the easy out. It is hard. Every day I have to make choices that I know will help my surgery to keep helping me lose weight.

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