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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

Ok, so don’t laugh at me! I am not sure if I was more excited hitting 100lbs lost or seeing my collar bones stick out a little bit! HaHa As an overweight person you tend to put a lot of focus on how you look. For me it wasn’t because I was vain, but because I felt like I was being judged at every corner. It’s also because you don’t look like the “average” person. I am not the only one that has lost weight and gotten a little excited at the sight of collar bones. It’s like a weird outward sign that you are in fact losing weight and it is showing. Now, I do know that seeing collar bones isn’t a sign of healthiness, but I don’t think that I can fully explain how it makes me feel.

Just as the outside is changing so is the inside. I not only see a different me in the mirror, I feel a different me in my soul. I am happy for the first time in a long time and it is hard to describe the feeling knowing that I fit in a little better in the crowd. I posted on my Instagram a week ago or so about a home improvement project I did. I rent so anything I do has to be removable. I just really felt the desire to make our home feel more like home. I had this huge TV cabinet that was sitting in our living room covering up the fire place. I decided that I wanted the living room to be more open so I got rid of it, hung removable wall paper and mounted my TV. ALL BY MYSELF! It felt so dang good to do something for myself. To get back to the Kristi that I used to be. I have always been an independent person. I could do things like change out a ceiling fan, put up a wall, make small repairs to a car, and do small home improvement projects. Some of that was born out of necessity because I either didn’t have the money or didn’t want to spend the money. I would just hit up Youtube and learn how to do things for myself. I am not a “I don’t need a man” kinda girl, but just rather I have the desire to know that I can do things for myself when the need arises.

I feel blessed to live another day to have the opportunity to see my collar bones and be light enough to actually stand on a chair and hang wall paper. I guess I am happy to just be normal! Every day is like a whole new day to me. I find usually at least one thing every day that I think in my head that 6 months ago I couldn’t do this! It is a great feeling to be able to say that to myself.

I also wanted to share this beautiful necklace that I bought from a seller on Etsy. I somehow ran across it and knew I had to have it. I matches perfectly with my life right now as I am on this journey to my mountain. I am not much of a jewelry girl, but this necklace just spoke to me. I love wearing it as a reminder to me and a conversation starter to allow me to share my journey with more people. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and comments. It really does make me happy to know that I am inspiring others to take their own journey.

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