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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Tuesday at 4pm I had my 2nd weigh in. This was the first weigh in with a goal. My goal was 399, which I already met that at my first weigh in. My next goal would have been around 390, if I remember correctly. When I weighed last week I was 396. Today I was 394. Initially it felt like a balloon popping. All the air kinda left my chest. I only lost a little under 2 lbs. How could I lose 7 lbs in 2.5 days and then 2 lbs in 7 days? I wanted to be upset with myself, but I chose not too. After speaking with my step mom, she helped me realize that it is still a victory. In those 7 days, I drove with 3 kids from SC to middle GA, attended a funeral, had to deal with others eating out, then drove from middle GA back to SC to attend my nieces birthday party, and then still drive an hour and a half back home. All this happened from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon. Dude, I rocked it. I ate a few things I wasn’t supposed to, but looking at me a year ago, or even 6 months ago, I would have used all that stress as an excuse to eat out for every meal and drink a ton of soda. I didn’t do that. I definitely see where planning ahead a bit better would have helped me, but I still LOST 2 LBS! Yay for me!

Today’s Food Menu

9am-Optifast 800 Chocolate Shake, 11am- Optifast Chocolate/PB Bar, 1pm-Optifast HP Chocolate Shake, 3pm-Sugar Free Popsicle, 6pm- 5oz of baked pork steak, 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup mixed sauteed broccoli/yellow squash. The veggies were sauteed in 1 tsp butter and water until tender. 10pm-Optifast 800 Chocolate Shake. I took a nap and that threw me off so I am short one optifast product. I need to ask them if I should try to get it in or is it OK to skip.

Unnecessary Stress

OK, so confession time. I hate cleaning house. Between my lifelong issue of being a messy person topped off with the added weight causing me to be tired and hurt, it is a struggle. Clothes getting clean, but never making it out of the basket. House just being generally messy looking because of the kids stuff everywhere. Kitchen being addressed, but very cluttered and not always getting the dishes done right away. I knew the kitchen was an issue for me. That caused me to not want to cook which led to us eating out. Who wants to create mess on top of mess, right?

Well, our apartment complex does an annual inspection of each apartment. It was supposed to be this week. I read the email on Sunday and was like OMG. I have got to get this house clean. In my head I mapped it out. I had tons of laundry to do, my bedroom became the catch all when cleaning the rest of the house so it was a mess, bathrooms needed some attention, cat litter box needed a full clean out, needed a new air filter for the a/c, vacuum the house, etc. I am proud to say that I got about 95% of everything done. WOW do I feel good. It’s not just the satisfaction of getting it done, but it really made me realize how much stress mess makes. Kids always needing help finding clothes because they weren’t put away, not cooking because the kitchen was a mess and disorganized, and other things like that. Now I feel more relaxed in my own home. Biggest challenge now is getting the kids to pick up after themselves. I will provide reminders for a bit since I wasn’t good at that before, but soon there will be consequences for not picking up their toys after a gentle reminder.

A Messy Head

No, I am not talking about my bad hair do. I am talking about the mess that goes on in our heads. Seeing how physical mess caused me stress and how a clean house helped me to relax, I feel there is definitely a correlation to what we allow in our heads. Each person is going to be different on how they clean up the mess and even as to what their mess is. For me, it’s too much social media that gets me agitated, always thinking the worst about situations, not praying enough, and not enough peace in my home life. Some of these things are going to be easy to figure out what to do. Social media is something I have started cutting back on. Too much going on in this world that I have no control over. Just need to let some of it go and not jump in the arguments. Praying more often obviously is something easy to remedy. The other two will take some time and thought. It is hard for me to not assume I know what others are thinking. I don’t know why I do it, because I am quite certain that God didn’t gift me with the ability to read minds! HAHA As far as peace at home, I think that will come as other issues get cleaned up.

Highest Weight 405

Last Weigh In 395

Next Goal Weight 390 (8/4/2020)

Goal: Exercise starting tomorrow is to do a 15 min indoor walking Youtube video 1 time a day

Surgery is 17 days away!

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