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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

Today Was More Equalized

Yes, today was a much better day. Started off a little crazy, but ended up on a great note. Started out having to run my youngest son to the dentist on an emergency basis. He somehow got an abscess. Looks like a chipmunk right now. He is on antibiotics and goes back in 2 weeks to pull the tooth. It’s a baby tooth and about ready to fall out so it shouldn’t be a big deal. He doesn’t cry much so it wrenched my heart to see him cry in pain! When we left the dentist I could smell bacon. It was coming from the Waffle House across the street. Oh my heavens it smelled good and the kids were begging me to go there. I just couldn’t do that (mostly because I needed to get home and back to work), but I am still struggling with wanting FOOD to eat. I ended up stopping to get the kids pancakes and milkshakes from McD’s for breakfast. No judgement. The poor kid can’t chew much and was a champ at the dentist getting xrays so he earned a milkshake for breakfast. I was smart this time though and brought a bar with me to eat when I got to feeling crazy! It helped.

Goal Update

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Exercise is hard for me. I am heavy, I have been VERY inactive for a while, and I have lots of joint pain. But, like the diet, I know I need to follow my doctors orders to get moving BEFORE the surgery. Everything they do is to make the surgery goes well and to make recovery easier. So, I have been slowly increasing my walking. I guess about a week ago I started this exercise video. It’s a 15 min walking video that you will have in essence walked a mile if you keep up. I was all like, yea, I can do that twice a day. No problem. Welp, didn’t quite work out that way. I made it 5 mins and thought I was going to die. But the next day I did it again. 5 mins. Then the next day I did it twice a day. Now, about a week later I am up to 2 times a day for 8 mins! And on top of that I am doing 10-15 mins of walking. I am getting 25-30 mins of exercise a day now. To most that may not seem like a lot, but for me who has been MONTHS with NO exercise that is a lot!

Another thing that I have been able to get better at is water. I have been religiously drinking 104 oz or more of water a day. I have a 52oz cup that I fill with ice water 2x a day. I probably was never drinking much water at all before this. I can also say that since I started my diet I have only had one soda. That is HUGE! I know, I shouldn’t have drank that one, but I also am being honest!

This Ride is About to get Fast

Starting tomorrow things are going to move fast and I am going to have to remain extremely focused in order to keep up with everything and keep myself from going off my diet. Tomorrow I have my own dentist appointment for a cleaning. Thursday I have 2 appointments at the Bariatric Dr. One is my weekly weigh in and pre op class. The other one is some kind of pre op class. I honestly can’t remember, but I think it is basically a very detailed rundown of your last week before surgery. Do this. Don’t do this. Remember this. That kind of stuff. Friday I have my follow up mammogram. Sometime this week I also want to go pick out my new glasses and then next week I am going to get my new haircut and get a pedicure. Got to look pretty for the surgeon! Next week I will have one more weigh in and pre op class.

Highest Weight 405

Last Weigh In 395 (7/28/2020)

Next Goal Weight 390 (8/6/2020)

Goal: I am doing my exercise video 2x per day for 8 mins plus 10-15 walking

Surgery is 12 days away! (as of the morning this publishes)

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