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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.


Well, I did it! I met the weight loss goal that the doctors gave me. I was supposed to get down to 384. I weighed in this morning at 383.9! I am so proud of myself. I worked hard, I followed the plan and I lost 21 lbs in just a bit over a month! I set a personal goal to lose 4 lbs by surgery day. Shouldn’t be hard since I can’t eat much the day before!

My Pre Op Weight Loss Goals

Back to Back Appointments Today

My day started quite early. I had to be at the Dr office by 7:30. My first appointment was with a surgeon. It wasn’t mine, but all they are doing is giving you a health check to make sure no new issues have come up. (Thankfully my repeat mammogram and ultrasound came back negative for anything I need to worry about and I just need to repeat in 1 year!) They checked my blood pressure, he felt my stomach and told me that I have a condition called diastasis recti. Basically my 6 pack abs (What, I have a 6 pack?) have separated. I kinda figured that is why my stomach bulges like a 9 month pregnant woman when I try to sit up from the laying down position! He said my surgeon would double check to make sure its not a hernia, but most likely it wasn’t and there isn’t much to do except lose weight and exercise. The provided me 3 bottles of Ensure Pre Surgery. I have to drink 2 at 8pm the night before surgery and 1 at 4am the morning of surgery. They say it helps healing from surgery better. We all then went to a class with the surgeon to go over the specifics of the surgery, all the risks, and detailed instructions on how to (not) eat the day before surgery! A nurse then came in and we signed our consents for surgery. Things are real ya’ll! The nerves set in as I was signing the papers!

After that the dietician class started and she went over the post op diet in FULL detail. I had a quiz! I made 100! My stack of papers I have accumulated is about 2 inches thick now! They pump you full of information so you can’t say they didn’t tell you anything!

84 Hours Left!

As of the time I am typing this I have 84 hours until I go under the knife. I have put in my Amazon and Walmart orders for what is hopefully the last of what I need for when I come home, got the kids situated and being taken care of, and got a list of things I need to get done this weekend so that when I come home Tuesday I will be able to relax.

The hourly countdown is on!

I am grateful for the challenges that I have had. They have helped me to see just how strong I am and how I can do this! I appreciate all the support I get from friends and family. I will need support more than ever because weight loss surgery isn’t cheating. I am risking my life so that I don’t die. Because I would surely die if I didn’t get this weight off. I know the next 3 weeks after surgery will not be easy. I am sure some tears will be shed, hopefully not from pain! It is going to be a slow process of letting my stomach heal and SLOWLY moving from liquids to regular food. The first 9 days it is all liquid for the most part. I can have some other things like sugar free popsicles and sugar free jello, but mostly water, protein shakes, and broth. On the 27th I will go back for my first post op appt and meet with the surgeon and the dietician. If things are going well I will get moved up to the next level where I will get to add things like strained soups and yogurt. I even bought a handful of jars of babyfood just to have some different things to eat.

Ready or Not!

I am ready! I will probably post at least one more time before surgery and obviously there will be a few days or so before I post again. Please follow me on Instagram @myjourneytothemountain to get more regular updates.

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