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Kristina Millner

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The Big DaySeptember 4, 2021
The big day is here.

The Basics

Hi, my name is Kristi. (Disclaimer: nothing I mention is in any particular order of importance!) I am 43 years old. I am divorced. I am the mother of 4 wonderful children. I have an accounting degree and work in the Finance field. I also, on the side, am a cake and cookie decorator. I live modestly. I don’t spend tons of time on hair and makeup and I don’t buy the latest fashions. I am very laid back in that sense. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am starting my journey to healthy eating, gardening, canning food, and food storage. Well, I think that hits the highlights. Let’s dig in a little.

My Kids

I kinda misled you above. I kinda have 6 kids. I have the 4 that I birthed plus two kids that are the children of my ex husband. We may no longer be married, but I love them regardless. I am here if they need me. My first pregnancy resulted in twins. I gave birth in 2002 to two 4 lb babies. One boy. One girl. Was a crazy ride with those two. They just turned 18. My oldest daughter just left a week and a half ago for the Army. Biggest shock of my life when she said she wanted to join the Army, but I couldn’t be more proud. Already have an Army Mom sticker on the back of my swagger wagon! My oldest son is the other twin. He is actually older than his sister by 30 seconds. He loves video games and is still trying to find himself. He is smart and a joy to talk to. Fast forward 10 years and I decided I wasn’t done having kids. In 2012 I gave birth to my youngest son. He is my cuddle bug and loves his hugs and kisses before bed every night, sometimes more than once. Two years later came my youngest daughter. She is my beautiful, ridiculously tan, perky, sassy, back-talking little spitfire of a daughter. Sometimes I think if I hadn’t had met my husband and I hadn’t of had more kids I would be empty nesting it right now! BUT…I love my babies and can’t picture my life without them. I have a step daughter and a step son. They are grown, but I love them even if I didn’t birth them.

My Younger Years

Kindergarten years

I was a beautiful blond headed baby when I was little. I wore glasses from a young age. I always loved school. Yes, I was that kid that couldn’t wait to go back to school shopping and then organize my supplies 15 ways to Sunday before school started. I soared through school relatively unscathed. I got picked on here and there, but overall I have fond memories of school. In middle school I became a band nerd and played the Clarinet. I ended up in the Marching band in high school and by the end of my musical career I knew how to play the Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and the Xylophone. I was quite proud of that. I graduated high school in 1995.

The Dark 20’s

At 19 I moved to Utah for about 2 years. When I came back, that is where my life went a bit awry. I was lost. I didn’t know who I was, I was suffering. I made choices that I wish I hadn’t made. Nothing too serious, but enough to regret them. I was heading on a trajectory that was not good though. From 21 to 25 I was just working and trying to survive. Worked multiple jobs and tried to go to college. I finally thought things were going good and I got into Clemson University and made it one semester until I found out I was pregnant with twins. Even though it was hard because I was single and their father was an idiot, it was actually the best thing to happen to me. My church wanted me to give them up for adoption, but I knew that I could straighten myself out and take good care of these babies. So, at the lovely age of 25, all alone, I gave birth to twins. I lasted about 3 months on my own before I moved from SC to GA to live with my mom and get some help with the babies.

The Crazy 30’s

Life went on from 25 to about 33. I graduated college, bought my first home and had a great job with GE. Life was good. I thought life was about to get a whole lot sweeter when I met someone online. We talked on the phone for hours. We could talk about anything. It was so easy. We had a whirlwind courtship and married 6 months later. No sense beating down the bush again. The marriage had some ups and lots of downs, but I got 2 wonderful children out of it. My ex and I get along and we co parent William and Jade.

The 40’s? OMG!

Yea, so life is cruising right along a bit too fast now. Doesn’t it seem like the calendar flips so much faster when you are older? Don’t you remember as a kid that a year felt like an ETERNITY? Now a year is nothing. It’s gone in a blink of an eye. I am 43 and settling back into the life of a single mom. I have a good job, live in an apartment and have aspirations to buy a home and start my own bakery one day. It’s never too late right? I scrolled and scrolled to find this picture. I have been so ashamed of how I look that I rarely let my picture get taken. I commit to you all right now to take at least 1 picture a week of myself. Let’s call it New Picture of Me Mondays. What do I see for the last 7 years of the 40’s? I see me getting healthy and living my life to the fullest. I am always up for supporters so please feel free to join me in this journey by following me here or on Instagram @myjourneytothemoutain or twitter @KristiMillner. I need as many cheerleaders as I can get.

What is one thing about your life that you are proud of? Doesn’t have to be your most proudest moment, just anything you are proud of. Let’s all support each other. I told you mine up above. It’s being in the band and learning to play 3 instruments. Please comment below with yours so I can share in your proud moment.

2 comments on “Grab your coffee, its time to get to know Kristi!

  1. danielleh1122 says:

    Loved learning more about you and your background! I’m proudest of my work ethic. I got divorced when I was in my early 20s and getting through that made me believe I could do anything. Since then, I’ve never shied away from a challenge and I refuse to limit myself when thinking about my future. I throw myself 100% into everything I do. It might seem a little crazy from the outside, but I’m obsessed with trying to reach my full potential and that’s how I live my life every day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kristi says:

      I don’t think its crazy to want to reach your full potential. I want to live that way from this moment on and you are a huge motivation for me!


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